Dead Sea

Dead Sea stonesFrom the Lowest Point on Earth

Each Dead Sea piece of jewellery from the Rocking Jewellery Collection is unique. The stones are natural and untouched, collected from the shores of the Dead Sea, 400 meters below sea level, washed and smoothed by waters that have refreshed and soothed since Biblical times.

There’s a warmth and tranquillity about the Dead Sea. It is the world’s safest place to sunbathe; the air is pure and relaxing, rich dead sea mud repairs wounded skin and aching joints.

Cradle one of these necklaces and you can almost feel the power of their ancient stones. This is the region were human beings first evolved from hunters to settlers; the home of our religions and belief-systems.

Please note that although the stones are rock-solid, each necklace is delicate.  Handle your jewellery gently and the read the page with advice on this web site.

Woven Metal – knotted necklace with two Dead Sea stones

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